Hear the modulation, feel the bass

Two guys driven by their passion for music. Born to entertain and perform. With Hardstyle crawling through their veins, music goes way beyond just a hobby. It lives in every aspect of their lives. Roland Evers and Rick Buijtenhek form a fresh hardstyle duo, better known as Bass Modulators. With an energetic crossover signature sound and a dedicated work ethic these guys are on the roll.
With a big heart for bass and melody they started their hardstyle adventure back in 2007. They managed to create their own euphorical, energetic ‘feel good’ sound, that received instant international allure and status. It’s their incredible creativity and amazing talent that brought them where they are now. Building upon their successes, plans and ambitions, Bass Modulators continue to set their mark in the worldwide Hardstyle industry. Hear the modulation, feel the bass!

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